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The Crusaders

The Story

My Immaculate Heart has triumphed

Message of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Louise D'Angelo on July 7, 1960

"'My Immaculate Heart has triumphed. I will now show the devil that I am the powerful one. Tell my children that I say to them, my power is greater than the strongest armies and greater than the strongest hate. The world will know that there is hope  great hope  for peace, joy and happiness because I have come to bring peace, joy and happiness to mankind .... The world has cried, now I will dry its tears because now I can show my power and my glory.'

I asked her if she wants her children to say the Rosary or make sacrifices or do penance (like she did other times) and she replied: 'Tell my children that I desire to hear songs of love and songs of joy. The world will see great wonders because, at last, it has the Golden Lady of Happiness.

Tell my children to pray and make sacrifices, but tell them to rejoice. My hour of Glory has arrived. My glory shall be implanted upon this earth in such a way that it will never be dimmed by any force or power. I am the Golden Lady of Happiness and I am the Golden Lady of Peace and Light. Every dark corner of this world shall see my splendor and my children shall flock around me in a most miraculous way. They shall say their Rosaries and they shall confess their sins and they will do penance for their sins; but most of all they will love me as I have never been loved before. I come now to give love and to receive love. I ask for prayers of love."'

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