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We are pleased to be able to offer our web site visitors  the opportunity to purchase  "The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary" or one of the other inspirational books written by Louise D'Angelo by calling us at 203-238-9735.


The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

At Fatima, Portugal on the 13th. of July, 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three children over a holmoak tree dressed all in white calling herself the Lady of the Rosary and said, "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph."  At Meriden, Connecticut on May 1st 1948 Mary appeared to Louise D'Angelo standing on a rock dressed all in gold calling herself the Golden Lady of Happiness and announced to the world: "My Immaculate Heart has triumphed."  Fatima is the first chapter in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In this book and in Lousie's more than 175 yet to be published works can be found the rest of this incredible story of love and hope that will lift up this fallen world.  This book is about much more than visions.  This book is about the second most important event in salvation history:  The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  It is also about the extraordinary mission that God gave the author, Louise D'Angelo, a mission that Jesus called The Devil's Challenge, and how fighting and winning that challenge has made the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary possible. Most of all, this book is about love, the tremendous love God and Mary have for their children.  Jesus said to Louise on May 7, 1946, "Know My Child of Love that what I have said to you and done through you is truly amazing the like of which the world has not seen since The Crucifixion." Price $20.00 + shipping and handling.

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Come Home.. The Door is Open

What causes one to become a fallen-away Catholic?  Are the reasons valid?  What aids are available to bring back a fallen away?  Is one religion as good as another?  Do Hell and Purgatory really exist?  What is Sanctifying Grace?  Why must you go to Mass every Sunday?  Why does God allow suffering in this world?  Is the Pope really infallible?  Can you be 'too religious'?

Here are commonsense answers to these and 1,001 other questions about religion from a dedicated Catholic who has devoted herself to helping fallen-away and lukewarm Catholics understand their faith.  The contents hit home over and over again, because they are based on the most effective letters this counselor has written  on pressing spiritual problems...problems that affect us all at one time or another.  Read this inspired book and you'll see yourself, the world you live in, and religion, as you have never seen them before. Price $12.00 + shipping and handling

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Come Climb the Ladder and Rejoice - vol. I

This book is a spiritual guide for a person (lay or religious) who seeks a close union with God by climbing The Ladder of Perfection.  There are full explanations and a wealth of information contained in the various chapters which will be most useful to all who daily struggle to live a more active spiritual life.

    Most Reverend John F. Whealon

                Archbishop of Hartford
        Price $12.95 + shipping and handling

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Come Climb the Ladder and Rejoice - vol. II

This is a book on the spiritual life really written for ordinary people.  It is written out of great Faith, and out of an experience of living a spiritual life in a thoroughly Catholic way.  It should be helpful to the many who wish to lead a life of the spirit in harmony with all that the Church teaches.

        Ronald D. Lawler, OFM Cap.
        Holy Apostles Seminary

This is a work of traditional theology regarding spiritual development.  In many ways it is remarkable that this person has been able to assemble all these elements in two volumes.

        The Reverend Norman Belval, S.T.D.
        Censor Deputatis
        Price $12.95 + shipping and handling

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The Catholic Answer to the Jehovahs Witnesses

The Catholic Answer to the Jehovah's Witnesses presents to the readers the information which they need to protect their own faith or the faith of someone they know or love from the Attacks of the Witnesses.  This book was written after 16 years of toil  and research by the author.  There is nothing like it in print today.  It is a weapon to be used by all Catholics to fight the Witnesses attacks when they try to destroy the faith of Catholics.  A must for anyone who confronts Jehovah's Witnesses and their teachings.

Price $14.50 + shipping and handling

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Too Busy for GOD? think again

One of the great problems facing working women and housewifes seems to be their inability to find time to lead full spiritual lives.  Many feel they do not have time for God, the Church or religion in their hectic daily routines. Also, material ambitions often obstruct their need to know and love God.  In these and similar situations, it becomes easy to stop praying and to forget about God completely.

Written by an experienced, full-time working wife, TOO BUSY FOR GOD.....THINK AGAIN! is an ideal, practical guide that demonstrates how God ought to be the core of the busy life.  Author, Louise D'Angelo states, 'I want women to find hope, joy and encouragement in my book.'  Instead of trying to change lives and schedules, she offers simple ways of putting God into one's everyday actions.  No matter how busy a person is, her book shows ways to gain spiritual treasures - treasures which will last forever.
Price $5.00 + shipping and handling

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