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Portraits of the Virgin Mary painted by renowned artist Hector Garrido for the Bradford Exchange
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Louise D'Angelo is the founder and president of an approved Catholic lay apostolate called "The Maryheart Crusaders." This nonprofit organization has been in existence since 1964, and has received the acknowledgment of many Bishops in the United States. The main goal of The Maryheart Crusaders is to bring back fallenaway Catholics through a program of adult religious education; in addition, the organization strives to help improve the spiritual lives of Catholic lay people. The Crusaders' program includes meetings, lectures, classes for adults and distribution of free Catholic literature. Crusaders also defend the Pope, Bishops, priests, religious and deacons in various ways, for example, by letters to editors or to TV stations if and when these might attack the Catholic Church or its moral stands. They participated in the Fortyfirst International Eucharistic Congress held in Philadelphia in 1976, at the Evangelization Conference in Washington D.C. in 1980, at several Marian congresses in the Boston area, and one in Hartford, Connecticut. Mrs. Louise D'Angelo is a nationally known writer and lecturer who has spoken at church affairs for many years. Her articles have appeared in such publications as Marian Helpers Bulletin, Our Sunday Vistitor, Immaculata magazine, The Maryheart Crusaders newspaper, and House of Loretto magazine.

In addition, Mrs. D'Angelo is the author of the following books: Too Busy for God? Think Again, Come Home ... The Door Is Open and Mary's Light of Grace, all published by The Maryheart Crusaders.

In keeping with her work as a Crusader, Louise has written against many cults, often doing extensive research. She is well qualified to bring to light the teachings of the Witnesses and to expose such teachings for all to see.

Her book, The Catholic Answer to the Jehovah's Witnesses, is her greatest effort concerning cults, and is presented to the public at a time when it is very much needed in order to challenge the Witnesses and their socalled "Bible truths."Louise and Mike meeting with the Pope in Rome

The story of her visions is in keeping with the goals of "The Crusaders" by defending the teachings of the Catholic Faith.

The whole story of Mary's triumph, The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary - Visions of the Golden Lady of Happiness and Louise's role in that triumph is but a road or pathway to the infinite, never-ending happiness of Heaven.

Our Lady, when whe calls herself The Golden Lady of Happiness, is showing us a glimpse of her happiness in Heaven and she invites us to one day share such happiness with her.  She wants us to focus upon the rewards of loving and acquiring virtues and loving and doing God's holy will as she did.  She teaches us the value of penance, confession, prayer, sacrifice and all that must be done to save and sanctify one's soul.  But she also teaches the joys found in living such a spiritual life; for the word happiness also means joyous.

It is now only under obedience to her confessor and spiritual director, Father Bradley Pierce, that Louise D'Angelo includes in The Triumph of the Immacultate Heart of Mary   the many revelations  which she has kept hidden for over 50 years.

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