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The Maryheart Crusaders are a nonprofit Roman Catholic laity organization. Incorporated under the statutes of the State of Connecticut in 1964 and, as a Catholic lay apostolate since 1964 functions with the ecclesiastical approval of His Excellency, the Most Reverend John F. Whealon, Archbishop of Hartford, Connecticut.

We, Maryheart Crusaders, are practicing Catholics dedicated in a special way to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who by developing a more active spiritual life, offer all our efforts, words, and deeds, to the greater honor and glory of Jesus Christ, for the promulgation, sharing, and defending of the Holy Catholic Church and its teachings, for the salvation and merit of our own souls and for the salvation of all God's Children.

The Maryheart Crusaders are true Children of Mary and work in the world as her modern-day apostles. Crusaders are missionaries for God in our own particular circumstance and state of life. Being sent as missionaries, then, Crusaders by word, work, and example are a witness for God, for His Mother, and for our Holy Catholic Faith.

The Maryheart Crusaders are Mary's Children who love her and are devoted to Her Immaculate Heart in a very special way. For each Crusader, the Blessed Virgin Mary is our holy example and our pathway to God. All we do in fulfilling our apostolate, we do to increase the knowledge, love, honor, and glory of Almighty God, is done in the name of Mary. And, as Maryheart Crusaders, we:

  • Promulgate, teach, and share our Catholic religion, its truths and laws, the love and mercy Almighty God has for His Children, devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Mother of God, and the power, splendor, love, and grace of Mary's Immaculate Heart.
  • Work for the enlightenment and conversion of the unbeliever and sinner,
  • Help to reunite fallen away Catholics with their beautiful faith.
  • Defend the Catholic Church and all of its teachings.
  • Defend, unequivocally, our Holy Father, the Bishops, and their authority.
  • Correct any misunderstanding which portrays our beloved Church and religion in a poor or false image.
  • Protect the good names of our beloved priests, brothers, sisters, whenever necessary,
  • Act as a bridge in bringing God's Children closer to His Church, the Sacraments, and His priests,
  • Labor to bring about the reign of God and Mary in the hearts of men and hasten His Kingdom in the world.

As Mary's Children, Maryheart Crusaders are committed to:

  • Remaining obedient to ALL that the Catholic Church teaches,
  • Becoming a better practicing Catholic through prayer, example, and frequent reception of Holy Communion
  • Learning more about our Catholic religion and sharing this knowledge with others.
  • Doing works of charity, helping the poor, and acting as a refuge for suffering souls,
  • Praying the Rosary, meditating on its mysteries, and encouraging others to participate in this virtuous dedication.
  • Remembering the Holy Souls in Purgatory by prayer, acts of charity, and offerings through Mass.
  • Sharing the love, peace, Joy, and happiness we find in our love and devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
  • Having a firm desire to share the Hearts of Jesus and Mary with all of God's Children.
  • Increasing the love, adoration, and reception of Holy Communion.

In essence, the whole purpose of the Maryheart Crusaders apostolate is to grow virtuously in spiritual grace, to become a better practicing Catholic, to spread and defend the faith, both by word and deed, as true witnesses of Christ and to save souls for God.